Each undertaking requires a new registration. An undertaking is defined as a contract or agreement between the consultant lobbyist and a client. Contracts that  


A person remunerated to persuade (to lobby) politicians to vote in a certain way or otherwise use their office to effect a desired result. Sudoku. 1. 2. 3. 4. x. 1. 4. 3.

someone who tries to persuade a politician or official group to do something: 2. someone who…. Learn more. Lobbyist definition, a person who tries to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest; a member of a lobby. See more.

Lobbyist meaning

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2. What is the definition of LOBBYIST? What is the meaning of LOBBYIST? How do you use LOBBYIST in a sentence? What are synonyms for LOBBYIST? Lobbying, any attempt by individuals or private interest groups to influence the decisions of government; in its original meaning it referred to efforts to influence the votes of legislators, generally in the lobby outside the legislative chamber.

lobbyist A person who is interested in basically bribing, without actually doing so, US Congressmen.

means going against traditional customs and practices. One such custom is At the conference the meaning was Varje medborgare kan var sin egen lobbyist.

Learn more. Lobbyist definition, a person who tries to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest; a member of a lobby. See more.

Lobbyist meaning

Definition of Lobbyist. an individual hired to convince a legislator to act in a specific manner. Examples of Lobbyist in a sentence. 1. As a lobbyist for a gun 

What is the definition of LOBBYIST?

Lobbyist meaning

The term lobby refers to a group of people who band together and try to influence people in public office and politicians. A lobby is typically formed to influence government officials to act in a Lobbying is when individuals, businesses, trade unions, groups or charities try to get a government to change its policies.
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18239.5. Lobbyist Employer. 18249. State Agency. 18614.

Gratis att använda. 2021-04-15 · A lobbyist is someone who tries actively to persuade a government or council that a particular law should be changed or that a particular thing should be done. Synonyms: persuader, manager, influencer, publicist More Synonyms of lobbyist. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.
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Definition of lobbyist noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. 8 WORDS PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MO36CRY_ek&list=PL5oykh1rbQ4MxWAUN5lv-b3jdPgmJZP0MHow well do you know these words?

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Lobbying i Europeiska unionen , även kallad officiellt som europeiskt I EU-kommissionen publicerade en officiell definition av intresse 

Information and translations of lobbyist in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … With this setting on, all people in your organization and guests are bypassing the lobby. The feature is available as a new value in Who can bypass the lobby? dropdown in Meeting options. You can set this in your existing meetings as well as in your future meetings. Lobbying The business, act, or practice of attempting to influence legislation or policy. For example, a lobbyist may call a legislator and urge him/her to vote for a bill that, if passed, would favor the industry or interests of lobbyist's client.


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A lobbyist is an advocate for a particular side of an issue; someone who articulates and communicates the views of a company or organization to outside stakeholders, such as government agencies, trade associations, and legislative bodies. A Lobbyist with five to ten years of experience can earn about $120,000 per year, and an experienced lobbyist with ten to twenty years of experience can expect to earn about $170,000 per year. If the lobbyist is a former member of Congress or a partner at the law firm where they work, their salary can be significantly larger than the average salary. lobbyist: 1 n someone who is employed to persuade legislators to vote for legislation that favors the lobbyist's employer Type of: inducer , persuader someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on lobbyist. noun.